Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Shoulder and a Second Glance

Never mistake a look of determination; steely eyes and set jaw, thin lips in a straight line, for a cold heart. 

Don't be too sure that crossed arms are staunch gateposts fending off and keeping out others from the body, mind, heart and soul hidden behind them. 

Feet firmly planted, set below legs slightly parted and straight, knees locked in, tells you nothing. These are the covert tactics of the spirit's camouflage.

Did you notice the almost too bright glimmer in those eyes – a hint of moisture forming at the inner corner of one of them – swelling up to create one perfectly shaped salty tear?

Could you see the reddened crescent nail imprints on both arms as an internal struggle took place to not break down in public, as cruelty washed over that body, that mind, that heart, that soul?

Had you glanced down you might have noticed the pink and white mottled toe joints, scrunched up, fortifying themselves in their own tiny, fearful way.

Be a person, a human being who takes a second glance and isn't quick to judge. 

Fear is often disguised as bravado, or meanness, or aggression. Steeliness is frequently the facade of sadness. Bracing against perceived and potential human storms is a reflex; a learned behavior from past hurts and disappointments.

Quick to judge others brings them more of the same.                

Patience can melt a frozen heart and heal a wounded soul.

Kindness is the strong soul's way of giving attention to one who needs it.

Shrug off the indifference, poor attitude and cold shoulder of one who needs a shoulder.

Take a second glance to look beyond the arrogance and indifference of a suffering spirit.

Make a difference for one — Make a difference for many — Make a difference for you

February 9 - 15 is Random Acts of Kindness Week, but it can start right now : )