Friday, December 12, 2014

Infinity and Beyond

Some of the most defeating conversations do not happen with others. They take place in our own minds, where our opponent is fiercer than any foe could be.

The universe is limitless –  we're not sure where it begins or where it ends. When you consider that we are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, as is the universe, why then do you think we limit ourselves?

Desire leads us to accomplish great things. While not everyone is on the same path as renowned trailblazers Einstein, Curie, Shakespeare or Yousafzal, the desire to create a path that leads to fulfillment is there for all of us. 

Infinite possibilities.

Paths may change direction – offshoots of an original thought may manifest a hybrid plan, or one that is completely separate from the original concept, however, all is possible.

This season's holidays are often filled with great emotion as the year winds down and a new one appears on the horizon. Too often the focus is on what occurred and not on what is yet to come.

Set yourself free.

Do not limit yourself.

Go where your desire takes you.

Enjoy the journey and embrace the change.

Fear not why your direction's course has altered.

Accept the changes and stay the course only as long as it is productive.

The best is yet to come and we are the navigators of our intentions and destiny.

With desire, certainty, confidence, acceptance, peace, love and presence, we will arrive at our place in the greater, external  universe, as well as, in our internal universe. The two are one.

Listen to your inner voice, the sound box of your gut instinct. There is no shame in changing direction. We control our destiny when we are present and mindful of what we truly want. There is no shame in wanting to have it all. There is a limitless universe and we are an essential part of it. 

Go forth and conquer. It's (y)our inalienable right.