Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Riding The Roller Coaster

Life is like riding a roller coaster — ups and downs, swerves and curves along the way, moments that take your breath away and make you want to shut your eyes ever so tightly wishing it was over. As you lose momentum and slowly pull into the exit station at the end of the ride, you realize that it was temporary, and maybe not so unnerving or scary after all.

You also realize that there is no way to disembark during the dizzying ride, and just like life, it has to play out.

Keeping present to your life, to being, is what it's all about. Sure, we like to reminisce. We think back to yesteryear, at times with joy, at times with misgivings. And we think ahead to the future, often with great anticipation, though sometimes with apprehension. Being in being (no misprint) is what keeps anxiety and despair at bay. Taking on tomorrow's problems today is without merit. Staying present is where it's at!