Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They Say That There's A Resolution - We All Wanna Change The World

Change. So easy in theory. Real bugger in practice! Considering it's the new year, let's do that thing that we all do every year. Without fail. You know. The resolution that never seems to make it into the next week, let alone the next year. However, this time why don't we try to do it differently; with great thought and mindful shift in our consciousness. We generally make an announcement that we're going to: lose weight, quit smoking, finish a project, find a better job, etc. These resolutions are typically of the tangible group. Maybe it's time we started to delve into the intangibles. The stuff of which we're really made. Not so easy. Just ask ------- anybody and everybody!

Okay - get ready and hang on. It's going to be a bumpy ride. [Yet so worth it].
Let's take a deep breath - come on - do it with me. Breathe in [hold for a count of six] now breathe out. Good. Repeat a couple more times.

Now here comes the part where you need to put on your thinking caps. Each time you breathe in, think about something that needs changing [some minor tweaking or ground breaking major transformation - your choice] in your life. This is sort of like making a wish before you blow out your birthday candles. The wonderful exception to this is you can do it three hundred and sixty five days of the year! When you exhale, in your mind's eye, picture the change taking place. Breathe out the negativity, the flip side of what you want to accomplish. Every exhale of breath should cleanse your thoughts and desires, making room for the newer, improved consciousness.

What do you want to change into a real positive habit? Something from your intangible list. Nothing material. Whatever it is, if you keep doing it for three weeks in a row, you are bound to succeed. The resolve to change something needs some maturing time. Generally speaking, three weeks is a very sturdy foundation for the growth that follows. There's no set time frame as everyone walks their path at a different pace. How ever long it takes, just maintaining over a three to six week span will certainly mold your desires into a new found principle.

The interesting thing about realizing inner change is that so many other areas will benefit from that one non-materialistic choice. For example, let's say you've decided to not be reactive every time your [friend, mother, sister, brother, boss, co-worker] gives you some advice. Instead you smile, thank them and go on about your day. Looking into the future, I would venture that someone who was afraid to approach you in the past would start to come over to you a little more freely. Maybe even start asking for your advice as you were so open to listen to their ideas. This is not to say that going around giving advice to people is always acceptable, but the way that you handle it, calmly and not defensively is how people will start to perceive you . And being approachable opens up the door to many other opportunities. Ultimately we will all do what we want to do. But gaining a reputation for being a calm, approachable and all around congenial individual is a great gift.

This is just one example of how changing something within ourselves can have an effect on others. So, go ahead, take on a different type of resolution this year. It may not be visible for a while, but your inner change is going to start making an appearance on a daily basis. And once you have that change down pat, move onto the next.

Changing ourselves, changing the world - there's no stopping us now!