Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Calling for Sunny Skies

Last night called for sunny skies –  light and breezy. Not a chance of rain. The perfect forecast.

A magnificent day to look forward to.

This morning, after receiving a sombre call, the winds of change swooped in and proved it to be a day without fair skies. A day that bitterly cast aside sunshine and resolved itself to gray and gloom.

One phone call received from an ill wind was all it took to allow the depletion of the soul and spirit. One phone call. 

One  Single  Call

How much power do we have? How much power do we give away? Why do we give it away? And how can we stop this intrusion that wreaks havoc with our disposition?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Nobody can hurt me without my permission." 

This is a simple truth. What we allow to happen is an invasion of our minds by another's negative thoughts and words. Physical strength is important, but to be strong of mind gives strength until the very end of our days, when our physicality becomes part of a dim, distant past.

Think about what you will and won't permit in your own personal life. You may not be able to halt what goes on elsewhere, but you have the power to limit access of others to your mind and thoughts. 

When you do your spirit soars with confidence as you empower yourself.

Your disposition will be that of a spiritually strong individual.

Cast off the mean spirited words of the less enlightened and continue to walk your path to inner tranquility - a victory of sorts. It takes practice and resolve, but what you gain is well worth it.

We are responsible for our own good feelings. By structuring our thought patterns to limit the negative and increase the positive, we create a shift in our own nature that can be far-reaching; benefiting others as well as ourselves.

Give yourself a few moments to reflect and rebuild your thoughts. 
The skies are bound to clear up.