Thursday, July 1, 2010

I've Grown Accustomed To The Change

The latch turned downward permitting the door to swing open. Light pooled in onto the empty site. It'd been a long time. She quickly stepped inside, blew away the cobwebs, shifted comfortably in her familiar office chair, and sighed. Home again.

It's been a few months, and I've missed writing to you. Many changes have taken place; all steps into the future, all good, all welcome. Maybe some of you have been going through your own changes. Regularly we experience the ongoing components of life: birth, death, graduation, first job, marriage, divorce, milestone birthdays, retirement, relocation, career changes, and many other basic elements that create our own personal collage. Some bring joy, others tears, yet, just like the Florida weather, give it ten to twenty minutes and it's bound to change. Life's like that.

Four days ago I was unemployed. Three days ago I discovered I was going through a career change! Exciting! At a "Professional Placement Networking" course, provided through the county, we were blessed with a teacher who led us through what could have been a confusing and (dare I say boring) maze. But he made it so easy and interesting. He talked to us about job search techniques, building resumes, and acquiring interview skills. More importantly, he taught us to believe in our abilities and ourselves. No matter how chaotic the economy could be, he mentored, we were all employable and would be employed. Now, how would I have met this incredible teacher and learned all that I did had I resisted attending?

We've all heard that the only constant is change. Change is needed, required, and very effective in keeping us on our toes. If water remains still, it becomes stagnant. Stagnation of the body, mind, spirit and soul puts a dead bolt on growth.

I hadn't planned on being in between careers, taking this course, or meeting this particular teacher and students. But it happened. I had mentally dug in my heels, resisting opening the door to this recommended class. How fortunate that what greeted me on the other side, with wide open arms, was change.