Friday, November 21, 2014

One More Step - Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, when you give thanks for all that you have, remember to look within and give thanks for your tenacity, your willpower, inner strength, pluck, and spirit that lifts you and others, day after day, even when you think the well has run dry. Keep going. Success was founded on...
... One More Step
I’d rather walk humbly than put on airs      Understand than be understood
Be the foundation instead of top floor
Do all the things I should
I’d rather build up than tear apart
The spirit of those I love
Lead with no fanfare, quietly, calm
Be the olive branch and the dove

I’d rather stay in the game ‘til the end
Than bow out when the going gets tough
Count my blessings from all things great
When others cry, “It’s enough!”
Success is built by staying strong                       
It ascends the steps of hard knocks
It’s not the goal or destination
It’s life’s lessons and building blocks
I’ll be strong and brave, won’t ever give  in                         
Will resist the temptation to quit
There will be times when the urge is to stop
There’ll be times when there’s no more grit
To all these challenges, I say to myself
“Just one more step I take”
One more step through the darkest of night
‘Til the clock chimes dawn’s daybreak
One more step and then I’ll rest
One more step I go
One more step to prove I can
One more step to show
One and one and one step more
Ignoring burst blisters and pain
Uphill, downhill, horizon bound
Under blazing sun, through rain
I’d rather walk humbly with strong reserve
I’ll crawl on my knees to keep going
I can cover the wounds on my knees and my soul
I will do this without others knowing
And when the last step is covered with grass
And when the last breath is no more
I’ll know in my heart that one more step
Led me up to and through the door

Copyright©2014 D. Desser All Rights Reserved