Friday, July 3, 2009


Synchroneity {the relation that exists when things occur at the same time} can as easily occur at one end of the spectrum as at the other.  When wonderful things happen at the same time we gleefully cheer, "It was meant to be" and "What amazing luck", while when the opposite occurs we moan "Murphy's Law" and "Bad things come in threes".  

However, one might stand in the center of a see-saw and observe that when one side is down, the other is up.  Like a ship listing from side to side, balance is restored at one point, just not necessarily for as long as we would hope. Murphy and I have been like this [overlap middle and index fingers] lately.  It wasn't enough that the air conditioner cut out twice, the minivan dumped a cup of water on my head from the overhead console, then stalled going up over a speed bump or the refrigerator sat in the middle of lake 'Where Did That Leak Come From'. No.  If that wasn't enough, our on line server decided to halve our speed and discourage e-mails from being sent, encouraging me to go back to snail mail for most of my correspondence.  When the situation was rectified [a new router was required] it only took 2 weeks to receive the necessary piece of equipment [sorry, I have succumbed to sarcasm here].

Where am I going with all this, aside from the funny farm?  Remember the ship, listing from side to side?  Just as we are about to slide off into the foamy brine and we are hanging on by our fingernails, balance will be restored.  It has to.  What goes up........

To all of you who are bemoaning the synchroneity of multiple Murphy's Law incidents, take heart.  All will adjust.  And to those of you who are having your gleeful 'it was meant to be' moments - enjoy.  When we have beautiful things happen it strengthens us for the challenging times and when the challenging times are upon us we are reminded that happier days are ahead.

We could all sit cross legged in the center of the see-saw to avoid the ups and downs, but it is at one end or the other where the fun begins.

Wishing you light, love and understanding.

* Coming soon - a list of motivational and inspirational books.